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News from Dropan Ling

20 - 31 July 2017 - Khenpo Cziołang: Explanation on chod practice 

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20 July: 10.00 - Big Rigdzin practice

               16.00 - Explanation on chod practice

21 - 31 July:   7.00 - Lighting butter lamps

                      10.00 - Explanation on chod practice

                      15.30 - Lighting butter lamps

                      16.00 - Explanation on chod practice

                      17.15 - Small RigdzinButter Lamps Offering Practice and Leudunma 

27 July: Chokhor Duchen

                        9.30 - Special teachings by Khenpo Chowang and Big Rigdzin practice

                      15.30 - Teachings by Khenpo Chowang

                      20.00 - Butter Lamps Offering Practice and Leudunma

Khenpo Jamyang Nyima:

01 - 02 August 2017 - History of Khordong Lineage

03 - 20 August 2017 - Teachings on renunciation 

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Message from Chhimed Gyaltsen Rinpoche

In response to many requests Chhimed Gyaltsen Rinpoche has agreed to bestow transmission of Kunzang Gongpa Zangthal in Dropan Ling. The requirement to get this teaching is to receive from Khenpo Jamyang Nyima all the teachings which he will transmit this year. There are no exceptions from this requirement, and it also applies to those who have already got Gongpa Zangthal in the past and those who completed ngondro Zer Nga.
Rinpoche announced that all who consider themselves as his students, are obliged to adhere strictly to his instructions regarding Dharma practice.

Recitation of Leudunma

​Last Summer Chhimed Gyaltsen Rinpoche advised to our sangha performing group practice of Leudunma as much as possible. The reason for this are prophecies of great masters concerning future of the world. As many of us remember, Chhimed Rigdzin spoke many times about importance of this practice. This year during Butter Lamps Offering retreat we are going to recite one chapter of Leudunma practice a day. This recitation will be added to the Butter Lamps Prayer. All who wish to join this practice are requested to have their texts with them. Unfortunately, there will be not enough time to perform whole practice, but we plan to organise Leudunma retreat in the future.

10 July - 20 August 2017 - Butter Lamps Offering Practice


The Butter Lamps Offering practice continues. This year for the 21st time we will offer 111 111 butter lamps in Dropan Ling. This practice is the mind treasure of Zilnon Lingpa (Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche) and fact that it was discovered in the recent past, makes it especially powerful. According to Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche this practice supports balance and peace in the world, but above all it purifies suffering and mental afflictions of sentient beings in all six realms. Rinpoche recommended conducting this practice for as long as possible.

Those who would like to support this activity but are not able to take part in person, can participate by donating oil.  We have already offered 30 000 lamps. To cover cost of the whole practice 22 000 PLN is needed, so all donations are welcome. For quick payment please use PayPal option or pay directly to the Association's bank account with the reference "offering for butter lamps”. 

Three years teachings program  

​Due to difficulties in obtaining of a visa Chhimed Gyaltsen Rinpoche will not visit Dropan Ling this year. However, he designed a program of teachings which suits the needs of our sangha and it will create firm base ensuring progress of our practice. This program covers whole path to ultimate result that is Buddhahood. Rinpoche assigned Khenpo Jamyang Nyima for this task.

This year Khenpo will teach about renunciation. Without it there is no genuine practice and there is no result. In 2018 we will receive teachings on developing Bodhicitta, based on Bodhicharyavatara by Shantideva. In 2019 Khenpo will teach about emptiness according to Aryadeva's Buma Shyi Gyapa (Four Hundred Verses) (read more about the retreat...)

Renovation works in Rinpoche's house continue. By now we replaced floor joists, water and electrical installation, plaster boards and insulation. Financial resources allow to set the walls between the bathroom, kitchen and hallway.

​13 May 2017

​Damage caused by fire in the Rinpoche’s house has been assessed. The surveyor estimated the claim on 2.300 PLN. The insurance company will also consider all the bills for the renovation and repairs which are direct consequence of fire. It is already known, that we have to replace the plasters, some of the kitchen furniture and whole electrical installation. We need to buy a new boiler and to renovate the bathroom and the hallway. All who are willing to participate in the costs not covered by insurance, are welcome to make donation to Khordong bank account with the reference “donation for the renovation”.​

​Związek Buddyjski Khordong
Darnków 18 
57 - 343 Lewin Kłodzki
PKO BP SA 90 1020 5112 0000 7902 0035 5347

IBAN: PL90 1020 5112 0000 7902 0035 5347


17 April 2017

We are continuing work on the new dormitory situated over the kitchen. By the end of the last year the floor was divided with plaster boards on the six rooms. Three of them have been already finished; the other three are being filled and polished up. The next stage of the work is painting and laying the carpets, which have been already bought.

Last year we completed digging and laying rings for the new well. Next week we are going to buy and install the new pump. The well should be in use in the end of April.

Finally, we managed to solve the issue, which for many visitors was a serious problem: we repaired the road. The county council provided us with crushed stones, and the borough council provided an excavator and two workers. We received all of this for free. By the end of the last year works on the area between the smoking place and crossroad (to the houses of Ania, Ola and Christopher) were completed. The work included removal of the hump along the middle of the road and filling the holes. This year we will proceed with the work to the next part of the road.

The founds received from our sponsors allowed us to purchase two gutters which will lead running water off to the road sides. One of them was used by the refuse dump and another by the smoking place. They are working very well; there are no more puddles after rainfalls. We are going to buy few more of them and place them where needed.

Few days ago there was fire in the old Rinpoche’s house. Ignition was caused by the short in the electrical installation and effected in the boiler damage. The part of the ceiling, the wall and the kitchen cupboard burnt, all the walls in the kitchen have to be renovated. The house is insured and the insurance company will asses the damage next week. It is already known, that whole house needs thorough renovation but the most crucial is to replace electrical installation and kitchen furniture.

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